The story of Barolo wine is fascinating. Barolo wine originated at the Count’s court and grew up among the population. Its well-deserved reputation is the result of the hard work of generations of winegrowers in the Langa area. Barolo is an authentic wine which reflects the characteristics of its grape variety – the Nebbiolo grape – and its area of origin. For these reasons, Barolo wine is indomitable. It cannot be adapted to the fashion trends. Instead, it needs to express itself freely using its dialect, which shows several variations from hill to hill. The Barale family has shared its fate for over 150 years, taking on the great tradition of Barolo wine, which is able to evolve through time and keep its promises.Here there is a collection of words and images that describe you only a part of this long story. You will discover the full Barolo experience by tasting a glass of our wines.



The wines of Livio and Lorenzo Sassetti, of the Pertimali Company, are considered among the largest in Montalcino. The excellence in the productions of Brunello and Rosso is the result of the absolute dedication of the Sassetti family, for its land and its fruits and the good location of its vineyards, on Montosoli hill, north of Montalcino with south-east exposure, area partucularly suitable for the production of wines with extreme complexity and elegance, thanks to a terroir whose pedological characteristics allow the perfect balance between the wealth and the power typical of the southern area of Montalcino and the finesse of the north.



With this philosophy in mind, we farm our vineyards according to the guidelines of modern-day agriculture. We control the green cover of rows using grasses and other plant species which, as well as consolidating the land and preventing it from being washed out by rainwater, increases the organic substances when planting, thus totally eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers and weed killers. We mainly treat the vines with sulphur and cupreous products such as a bordeaux mixture and, only in the event of particularly serious circumstances, do we make use of other types of sanitary protection, while strictly adhering to the advice and doses recommended by qualified agronomists.

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